"When i was young, i knew i wanted to do or make something that will entertain others be it music, film, or making funny faces. Over the last few years Ive studied performing arts, came out as a theatre and film actor and a singersongwriter. Somehow (i still dont know how that happened) i joined a rock band. We called ourselves Rosevelt and i think we're doing pretty okay. We released our debut album recently in December 2011 and opened for Incubus when they came down here for the 3rd time. So i guess i can say life has been pretty interesting so far. But it's never enough. Everyday i make new goals to achieve new goals.

I also sell baby products. Yes i do. Day job. Everyone has one. We is in Malaysia.

Im looking to live for another good 30 to 40 years. I'm not sure how long i can keep up with this blogging thing, but i figured i should start documenting my life for myself. This is so I can look back one day and see what a person i was and what i have become. Nevertheless! I hope you enjoy reading this blog. I'll try my very best to keep it interesting." :D

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Road to Esplanade Part 1

A couple of weeks back Rosevelt took a trip down to Singapore to perform a weekend show at The Esplanade. They call it the big durian there. Or the nangka. Or was it cempedak? One of of those la.

It was our very first time performing there so i knew i had to snap some pictures and record some videos to show our friends.

So here it is, another excuse to revive my blog. Part 1, of the road to Esplanade.

Look out for part 2. Coming soon.
For videos of our Singapore trip, visit the band's Facebook page.

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  1. Nice pictures Nick! Looking forward for Part Deux! ^_^