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I also sell baby products. Yes i do. Day job. Everyone has one. We is in Malaysia.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The 10 Songs I Would Put Into A MixCD for a Girl.

Last night was on Twitter and someone tweeted about MixCds. That got me thinking about the MixCds that Ive made back in high school for girls that I liked. So then i started thinking, what if i were to make a MixCd now. What songs would i put in there. 

 So here are my Top 10 songs in a MixCd.

10: In The Waiting Line by Zero 7

9: Edge Of The Ocean by Ivy

8: Happiness by Goldfrapp

7: Fragile by Seven Collar Tshirt

6: Falling Slowly by The Swell Season

5: Her Morning Elagance by Oren Lavie

4: Admiration by Incubus

3: Random Awesome by Yuna

2. All I Wanted by Paramore

1. Stellar by Incubus

So there you go. When you put this together, make sure you add your own flavour into it. And if you get the girl you want, be sure to let me know ;)

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  1. best song picks EVER. which would make her one helluva lucky girl.