"When i was young, i knew i wanted to do or make something that will entertain others be it music, film, or making funny faces. Over the last few years Ive studied performing arts, came out as a theatre and film actor and a singersongwriter. Somehow (i still dont know how that happened) i joined a rock band. We called ourselves Rosevelt and i think we're doing pretty okay. We released our debut album recently in December 2011 and opened for Incubus when they came down here for the 3rd time. So i guess i can say life has been pretty interesting so far. But it's never enough. Everyday i make new goals to achieve new goals.

I also sell baby products. Yes i do. Day job. Everyone has one. We is in Malaysia.

Im looking to live for another good 30 to 40 years. I'm not sure how long i can keep up with this blogging thing, but i figured i should start documenting my life for myself. This is so I can look back one day and see what a person i was and what i have become. Nevertheless! I hope you enjoy reading this blog. I'll try my very best to keep it interesting." :D

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